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3N/cm Stretch Film for Pallets Wrapping accept customize

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LLDPE 3 layer co-extrusion film

High puncture resistance and High transparency

Good moisture proof

Stable adhesion level

Good aging performance, eco-friendly

Easily to be laminated and peeled-off

Two-side cling

High clarity for clean pallets&impoved warehouse management

Protection of your products with long-term load retention

Ensuring super tight load stability for high-security storage&transit

Resistance to high puncture with a multi-layer structure

Customized sizes with UV-stabilization option

Optimal film usage with stretch ability up to 500%

Use by hand or on automatic pallet wrapping machines with low noise for machine stretch film

Full benefit without investing in machinery for manual stretch film

High transparency!High puncture resistance! High stickness!



Material: 100% LLDPE

Thickness: 15-50mic

Length: less than 1500m

Width: 4-200cm

Tensile strength: 30*50mpa

Elongation at break: 300%-500%

Angle tear strength: 120-150N/mm

Tackiness: 3N/cm

Color: red, black, yellow, green, blue, white, clear for option